Characteristics of God

We have designed our summer holiday programme for ages 3 to 10 for maximum kids appeal, but please feel free to join in whatever your age! With a diverse selection of captivating experiences each week linked to a different aspect of Godly character, whether you choose to do a little or a lot, you are intentionally developing your child’s character and encouraging them to be their best self. We will encourage you too by supplying materials and rewards for participation.

30th June 2020

Getting started

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Available from 2nd July 2020

Wk 1: Adaptability

Coping with unexpected change can be hard, but it’s something we’ve all had to tackle lately. This weeks Bible stories and activities will help kids adjust to change and become more adaptable.

Available from 9th July 2020

Wk 2: Discernment

Meet some of the wisest people in the Bible and learn how your conscience can guide you like a compass. This weeks fun ideas will help kids determine right from wrong and resist peer pressure and temptation.

Available from 16th July 2020

Wk 3: Humility

Will pride make you stumble? What is it like to be famous? Pick from some fun activities to help kids recognise that everyone has different strengths, apologise to others, accept advice and receive compliments graciously.

Available from 23rd July 2020

Wk 4: Joy

This week we learn that joy isnt found in possessions, activities or other people. The ideas here show us how to be joyful in all circumstances as we find joy in Gods goodness, presence and protection.

Available from 30th July 2020

Wk 5: Harmony

Choose from this weeks selection of ideas to help your children resolve disputes cooperatively, be quick to forgive, escape selfishness and show concern for others (even their siblings!)