We all want to be wise in discerning right from wrong and making choices which please God. This weeks activities will help children to determine right from wrong, resist peer pressure and resist the temptation to disobey and knowingly do the wrong thing.

Choose as many or as few as you like, but please let us know what you get up to by posting on social media using #lpcholidayclub2020 or email lpcholidayclub2020@gmail.com. Complete at least one activity to collect your Discernment picture piece. Where you see*** beside an activity, we can supply the materials, simply drop us an email before Sunday if you would like us to deliver them.

Getting Outdoors

True or False Treasure Hunt
How quickly can you complete the clues and find the treasure? You will need wisdom to get the correct answer to save time!

Bible Stories Video
Bible Stories Videos

This week we have 3 stories of wise people from the bible told by some of our teenagers, Eilidh, Shannon and Kyle

Fun with Food***
Fun with Food

Forbidden Fruit
Create a “temptation in the garden of Eden” experience for your kids by forbidding them from trying one type of fruit.

Science with a Twist

Using our senses to discern good from bad
Have fun conducting some blind smell and/or taste tests with your children. The ability to discern good from bad is an important life skill.

Any where, any time

Temptation Alley
Watch the video to see how peer pressure can affect our children. Use these scenarios and What would you do? questions to discuss peer pressure with your kids.

Memory verses and Prayers for kids

Memorising Scripture with your children helps God’s Spirit bring about lasting change. Choose a verse for your children to learn. Reading it over at least once every day helps.
There are also some sample prayers for kids to use to seek God’s help and reassurance.

Singalong Songs

Little ones will enjoy singing along to this selection of songs on YouTube and there are a few for older kids and adults too.


Playdough Pressure***
Teach your kids about peer pressure using a meddlesome stuffed toy who insists your playdough creations need some improvements.

Grown-ups Section

Ideas for prayer and for speaking blessings over your children. Simple statements can mean a lot to your child and support them when they are facing hard things.