True or False Treasure Hunt

How quickly can you complete the clues and find the treasure? You will need wisdom to get the correct answer to save time!

Answer the true or false questions and use the picture clue to find the next question. If you’ve got the answer wrong, you will need to retrace your steps and follow the picture clue beside the correct answer. The clues are predominantly inside the Memorial Park and the picture clue for the starting point is below. I hope you make it to the end and receive your treasure! Afterwards, have a chat about the Discussion Questions and Key Concepts below.

Sign on gate that says Loanhead Memorial Park
This is your picture clue to where to start the Treasure Hunt
Questions for discussion
  • How much does God want us to love wisdom?
  • Where can we find wisdom?
Key concepts

God wants us to love and value His Word, and to eagerly desire to learn more about Him. He wants us to seek out His wisdom every day, and to want this even more than we desire sweet treats or money. We can learn a lot and gain wisdom from reading God’s word in the Bible.