Will pride make you stumble? What is it like to be famous? Pick from some fun activities to help kids recognise that everyone has different strengths, apologise to others, accept advice and receive compliments graciously.

Choose as many or as few as you like, but please let us know what you get up to by posting on social media using #lpcholidayclub2020 or email lpcholidayclub2020@gmail.com. Complete at least one activity to collect your Humility picture piece. Where you see*** beside an activity, we can supply the materials, simply drop us an email before Sunday if you would like us to deliver them.

Getting Outdoors

Lost your senses?
This week you have a choice of three challenges to complete outside where each challenge involves taking away one of your senses. Think about how all parts of our body work together and how difficult it can be if one of them is not working.

Bible Stories Video
Bible Stories Videos

This week we have 2 bible stories for you read by two of our holiday club daddies, Chris (Hannah and Kieran’s daddy) and Martin (Emily and Sam’s daddy)

Fun with Food***
Fun with Food

Fun with someone else’s arms
If you hate mess this activity might not be right for you! Lots of fun and laughs are guaranteed.

Science with a Twist

Let’s try to make snow and wash away stains!***
Challenge the kids to make snow and/or to wash a berry juice stain from a white cloth. It’s not as easy as they might think. But God can do both!

Any where, any time

Power Struggle
Share the rhyme and introduce a variety of animals who only think they are big and strong. Afterwards you can chat about how God is bigger and more powerful than all of the creatures named.

Memory verses and Prayers for kids

Memorising Scripture with your children helps God’s Spirit bring about lasting change. Choose a verse for your children to learn. Reading it over at least once every day helps.
There are also some sample prayers for kids to use to seek God’s help and reassurance.

Singalong Songs

Little ones will enjoy singing along to this selection of songs on YouTube and there are a few for older kids and adults too.


Rotten fruit and good fruit
In this kick-off craft activity, you’ll help your children make a poster with two trees on it. One tree will represent pride and the other will represent humility. This is a long activity so you may want to work on your trees over the course of a few days or just pick a few applicable “fruit” (character traits) to discuss with your children.

Grown-ups Section

Ideas for prayer and for speaking blessings over your children. Simple statements can mean a lot to your child and support them when they are facing hard things.