Popcorn Dipping Party!***

You will need: microwave popcorn***, a selection of dipping sauces, cocktail sticks. Examples of sauces include peanut butter, peanut butter mixed with melted chocolate, chocolate or butterscotch ice-cream sauce, melted cheese, jam, ranch flavoured salad dressing, cream cheese (any flavour), melted butter, pizza sauce, mustard and ketchup.

***We can supply the popcorn. Just drop us an email at lpcholidayclub@gmail.com by Sunday evening and we will deliver it to you.


To prepare:

Glue cotton wool balls onto disposable shower caps, one for each of your family.

Have everyone in the family choose one or two “dipping sauces” to use with the popcorn you have popped and get these ready.


After everyone dons a cap, put the popcorn in the microwave. While the popcorn is popping, jump around pretending that you are popcorn kernels popping too. Pretend that you are exploding; bump into each other and roll on the floor again and again until the real popcorn is done popping.


Put a spot of each of the dipping sauces on each person’s plate and give out toothpicks to use as fondue forks. Enjoy as many creative popcorn dipping combinations as you can think of – or stomach!