Christians see children as a wonderful blessing and a gift, and also quite a responsibility!

Part of that responsibility is their spiritual well-being.

For those who stay in the Loanhead area, we would like to offer you our support in bringing up your child and in nurturing his/her spiritual development. It is never too early to start: from a very early age children are aware of areas of their little world, and to surround your child with the love of God is a precious way to start.

Near the start of a new life, it is good to thank God for the gift of a child, and to ask His blessing on him/her and on those who will be involved in bringing him or her through these difficult years of childhood.

At the church offer you a choice of two ways in which you can mark your new child’s arrival. The choice you make will depend on your own beliefs and on what vows you are happy to make.


Baptism is a Church sacrament in which the child is welcomed into the church and parents make vows (or promises) which involve attending the church regularly and bringing up the child within the church. We can offer baptism to children of members of the church, and to those who are in the process of joining.

Service of Blessing

Service of Blessing is a very similar service to baptism, but in the place of water, a little scented anointing oil is used. This increasingly-popular service leaves both parents and children free of the vows required in baptism. We recognise that many children will make their own choices about faith later in life. During this service you would be asked to affirm your love for them – and your commitment to guide and nurture them as they grow up.


Godparents may be involved at your discretion. They should be adults with a genuine concern for your child’s spiritual well-being. We will invite you to have them with you when your child is blessed or baptised.

Scheduling a service

Both blessing and baptism form part of a normal Sunday service. It is usually possible to arrange a date that is suitable for parents and any other family members and friends who may want to attend.

No charge is made for either service.

A Preparation Course is usually run with parents by the minister.