Mums are busy looking after their family, but who looks after Mums? MOPS does!

MOPS exists to encourage, equip, and help women become the best mums that they can be! It is a place to find friendship, community, resources and support for you as a woman and mother so that you are never alone in your mothering adventure.

MOPS provides an opportunity to meet other mums and make the journey of motherhood together, while your children are cared for by our experienced childcare team. (Babes in arms, particularly nursing babies, are welcome to stay with their mummies for all or part of the session.)

Women who are pregnant or have young children (from tiny babies until they start school) are all invited to join MOPS. Whether you’re stay-at-home, working, teen, adoptive, special-needs, single or married, MOPS is for you. 

Being mums is what brings us together and allows us to build a community. The early years of being a mum are just as foundational to you as they are to your baby, and those years are filled with unique needs that other mums instinctively understand.
When do MOPS Meet?

MOPS meets fortnightly on Monday mornings from 9.15am until 11.15am during term time. For meeting dates and up to date info find us on Facebook or Instagram @mopslpc

Please feel free to come along and bring a friend … visitors are always welcome!

What’s a MOPS Session?
  • Breakfast (porridge, toast, fruit , yoghurt, tea/coffee etc.)
  • Interesting speaker/video story and fun activity or craft
  • Chat about topic
  • Childcare is provided throughout the MOPS session
Where do MOPS Meet?

We meet at Loanhead Parish Church.

How much does it cost to attend MOPS?

There is no fee for attending MOPS but we suggest, if you are able, to please make a small donation towards cost of child care, breakfast and craft materials.

For More Information:

Find us on socials @mopslpc

Call or text Catriona on 07961 098208 or email mopsatlpc@catriona-anderson

Or just come along to a meeting and get to know us.