Given the interest there was in the sermon series on Abraham, this autumn we are planning to use material produced by the Bible Society in small groups. This will begin on the first week of September and run fortnightly, completing on the second week in December.

Big, complex, old … just some of the words people use to describe the Bible. Sound familiar? That’s where The Bible Course comes in. The course will increase your confidence, equip you to read the Bible better and help you to see its relevance to daily life. The course provides a birds-eye view of the world’s bestselling book.

Over eight interactive sessions, it combines video teaching, group discussion, personal reflection and daily readings. 

Key features

  • The Bible Course helps you see how the books of the Bible are part of one big story
  • Using a unique storyline, The Bible Course will show you how key events, books and characters fit together
  • With Video teaching, written guides, diagrams and readings will help you grow in confidence as you read the Bible for yourself


We currently have 6 groups, with almost all needing a boost in numbers, and these are listed below. Most of the congregation are not currently involved with a group, and we would love to change this, because we believe these groups can help greatly in exploring and deepening your faith and supporting you to live a Jesus centred life. Please contact Amy Pickering to let her know which group you feel would best suit you. If none of them work for you, please let us know and we will look into other options, such as a new group or maybe even a Zoom group. All suggestions welcome.

Sunday 9am-10.25am Amy, Laura, Jenny (Small hall at church)

Tuesday 11.30am-1pm Catriona, Lillias, Claire Macintosh (home in Loanhead)

Tuesday 7pm-9pm Graham, Martin, Leslie, Campbell (Manse)

Wednesday evening Hoi, Bronwen, Claire (home in Loanhead)

Thursday 7pm-9/9.30pm Jane, Lorna, Margaret Hurst, Shelagh, Kirsteen, Jean, Alison (Manse)

Day flexible around availability of the group – evening Jackie, Tom, Kayleigh, Audrey (home in Penicuik)

Alongside that, our prayer group continues to meet on Thursday mornings at 9.30am in the church.  If you would like to be part of that group please contact us, speak to Lillias or Leslie Steele, or just come along when you can.

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