Fruit and vegetable people

We are privileged today to live in a world of many cultures, and the Relevant Scriptures (below) on cultural diversity let us know that it’s something we notice more than God. We can all learn a lot about each other’s cultures, but as Christians, we live as one in Jesus Christ. Living in faith together is about not treating anyone differently based on their gender, race, or culture. This is how the world can live in harmony and peace.

Offer a variety of fruit and vegetables and let the children use their imaginations. They can make mutil-cultural people with different coloured hair and faces etc. Green beans, sweetcorn or carrot peelings can all make make great hair! Children can use a non-sharp knife to cut fruit and vegetables under close supervision.


Lay out a selection of fruit and vegetables including as many different colours as you can. You may want to prepare some shapes for very young children – heads, bodies, arms, legs and hair.


Let the children have free reign to use their imaginations to create lots of different people. While the kids are creating, talk about how people can be very different, but it is possible for us all to live in harmony together if we accept the differences and treat everyone as equal.


After everyone has finished making their people, try tasting some of the fruits and vegetables. Did you all like the same ones? We often look different and we often like different things too.