Using our senses to discern good from bad

Have fun conducting some blind smell and/or taste tests with your children. The ability to discern good from bad is an important life skill.

You will need something to use as a blindfold and various food items to sample.

  • Begin by explaining to your kids that when they identify foods based on their smell or taste it is called “discerning.” Tell them that some smells and tastes are easier to discern than others are.
  • Next, have your children put on blindfolds and present them with different foods to taste and identify. Start with some easy to identify tastes such as peanut butter, chocolate, banana, apple or orange juice. Then you can progress to more challenging taste tests such as 7 Up versus Sprite, Own brand versus Kelloggs cereal, dried cranberries versus raisins.
  • For smell testing, begin with easy to discern smells like vanilla, bread, banana or a cooked hotdog. Your harder to identify items could be a sliced orange, cold meats or cheese.
  • After your identification game, use the discussion questions to talk about how discernment is important in life.
  • Close in prayer, asking for God’s help in discerning right from wrong.
  • If you wish, take some photos of your tasting and smelling, and share them on social media #lpcholidayclub2020 or email them to us at