Here is the third of our ACORN videos! This week we have shared a Church of Scotland video and hope you find it helpful.

ACORN is all about noticing what God is doing and growing in our expectations that He is at work in our lives and the lives of others. Want to join the journey? Here’s how:

  1. Watch the video. Every fortnight there will be a new video, sharing stories and giving prompts for you to consider.
  2. Over the next week or so, think about the questions from the video. Be curious about, and open to, the ways that God is at work in your community – you might need to _slow_right_down_! Pray a simple prayer: Lord, please would you give me someone to connect with. And as you talk with them, listen/look for what God is doing. Set aside any ideas you might have of in-your-face evangelism: If they leave the conversation with a sense that they are of worth enough for you to give them your time then you have brought Jesus into the conversation! And you never know, you might just find that the conversation deepens yet further…
  3. About a week later, meet with your ACORN group or 1:1 with someone else who’s also giving it a go. (Click here if you need matched up). Talk about the questions from the video. Has it been hard, and if so, what’s been tricky about it? What have you noticed or wondered about? How have you been aware of God at work? 
  4. Keep praying and noticing. Follow the same rhythm each fortnight: watch the next video and, a week later, share with others what’s been happening. 

We pray that this will be an exciting journey for us as church family as we notice and celebrate the Living God right here in our community.


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