Breathing with the trees

Did you know that the average tree produces enough oxygen to keep a family of four breathing for a year? Isn’t that amazing! That is why it is so important that we live in harmony with nature, with the trees, and that we nurture them rather than destroying them. They are essential to keep our planet healthy.

We should keep in mind how important trees are when we are using paper or cardboard and not use more than we need. Think before you print! Another consideration is toilet paper. Do you use just enough or a great big wad!? Try to buy recycled paper, card and toilet paper.

So this week’s activity is to go for a walk in the woods and find leaves from some of our most common trees. There are images below to help you. Bring your leaves home and make a picture with them, or older kids could make a poster about looking after our trees. Take a photo of your creations and email them to

Oak leaves
Horse Chestnut leaves
Ash leaves
Sycamore leaves
Silver Birch leaves