WALKING AND SWIMMING – On Easter Sunday morning we will be celebrating that Jesus is risen by gathering on the beach and (optional) going for a swim in the sea at sunrise!

We will meet at Tumbles Leisure Centre, Portobello, Car Park at 5.45am. The address is 20 Westbank Street, Edinburgh EH15 1DR.

The plan is to gather on the beach and those who wish to swim/dip in the sea as the sun rises on Easter morning can do so. There is also the option to go for a walk or just sit on the beach by the fire. When the swimmers emerge from the sea we will have rolls and sausages on the fire to warm up.

If you plan on going into the water please bring

  • hot water bottle
  • layers to put on after swim
  • towels
  • hot drink
  • swim suit/wet suit

Kayleigh Brown is organising this and she has lots of wild swimming experience. Contact Kayleigh via the manse if you have any questions.


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