Surprise Buns***

For a simple alternative or additional activity scroll down and try Sweet or Sour

You will need a pack of plain muffin or cake mix and a few different fillings such as blueberries or cherries, chocolate, jam/marmalade/lemon curd or marshmallows as well as some muffin/cake cases.

***We can provide supplies for this activitiy. Please email us and we’ll drop them off to you


Make up your muffin/cake mix according to the packet instructions


Half fill the muffin/cake cases then add one of the fillings to the centre of the muffin


Top the muffin/cake cases with the rest of your muffin/cake batter and bake according to the packet instructions

Have fun guessing what might be inside before you eat your muffins!

Sweet or Sour

Buy some Haribo Tangfastics or other ‘sour’ sweets. Get your kids to pop one in their mouth and focus on the taste and feeling in their mouth. As they suck the sweet and the tangy coating disappears get them to notice the sweetness that appears.