The Art of Enjoying Change

Have fun making some “changeable artwork” using milk. The results are spectacular!

You will need a flat-bottomed pie dish (or something similar) for each of your children plus FULL FAT milk, food colouring in at least three different colours, washing up liquid, and toothpicks or cotton buds. (Don’t use low-fat or skim milk, it doesn’t work.)

  • First, do a demo for your kids. Prepare two flat dishes by pouring milk into each one to a depth of about 5 mm or 1/8 of an inch.
  • Next, squeeze a drop of food colouring on the surface of the milk. Take other colours and continue spacing drops of food colouring across the milk until there are eight to ten different drops of colour.
  • Do the same with the second bowl of milk. Now set this bowl aside and leave it untouched. This will be your comparison bowl.
  • Returning your attention to the first bowl, coat the end of a toothpick with washing up liquid, then dip it in the centre of one of the drops of food colouring. Continue to dip the toothpick into each drop of food colouring and watch as the colours “explode” into various shapes and mix together to form new colours. (Washing up liquid both reduces the surface tension in the milk and “pushes” the fat in the milk around the surface, facilitating movement within the milk.)
  • Allow each of your kids to try making their own “milk art” while you use the questions for discussion to help your kids understand that life change can be exciting.
  • If you wish, take some photos of your milk art, and share them on social media #lpcholidayclub2020 or email them to us at You could also print them out and display them with captions such as “Change can be wildly fun!,” “Life is full of colour!” or “There is an art to enjoying change!”