Forbidden Fruit

Create a “temptation in the garden of Eden” experience for your children by forbidding them from trying one type of fruit.

Discussion point: Adam and Eve’s story shows the importance of resisting temptation and peer pressure.

You will need small bowls and a variety of prepared fruit and a phone or tablet if you want to record the activity.


Prepare a number of small bowls or plates with each containing a different sliced or chopped fruit. Ensure one of them is a favourite of all your children or a new fruit that looks attractive, this will be the forbidden fruit.


Call your children together for snack time. Give them each a small plastic bowl and invite them to select as much fruit as they want for a snack. However you should point out to them the bowl/plate of forbidden fruit and make it clear that they cannot choose that one.


As the children start to fill their bowls, let them know that you are leaving for a few minutes to start a load of laundry, use the bathroom etc., but will return shortly. Watch them, unseen, or set up a secret recording on your phone or tablet! On your return, talk through the discussion questions as they eat.