Power Struggle

Share this rhyme and introduce a variety of animals who only think they are big and strong.

To play the game Power Struggle, one person begins by thinking of a small and insignificant animal, like a flea or an ant. The name of this creature is then inserted into the following rhyme:

Person one:
There once was a flea who spoke right out loud,
“I’m so big! I’m so big! I’m as big as that cloud!”

Others respond:
Hey, little buddy,” said God with a wink,
“You’re really not quite as big as you think!
I hate to disappoint you, but I have a strong hunch,
There are quite a few others who could eat you for lunch!”

After everyone else replies with God’s lines, the next person thinks up an animal slightly larger than the previous one. For example, the flea could be followed by a spider. The game continues until the creatures named are as large as dinosaurs.

When the game is finished, take a minute to point out that God is bigger and more powerful than all of the creatures named. You can supplement your discussion with any of the verses below. It’s fascinating to read the things God says in the Bible!